A Bigger Vision

As I work with clients in their homes to help them create an environment that brings them joy, I want to broaden the audience I serve. Below are two ideas I would like to develop as The Empathetic Organizer grows, and if you have any ideas in these areas, please contact me!

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Local Artists

I will have a wonderful opportunity to advocate for local Knoxville artists by sharing their artwork with clients who may be interested in purchasing original artwork. Being an artist myself, I know so many contemporary artists living and working in Knoxville today and can connect them with potential buyers.

I recently rolled out Art Auctions on my Instagram page @empatheticorganizer. Every Friday, anyone in the continental US can bid on local Knoxville artwork and each auction ends Sunday evening. Visit my Instagram account to learn more.

I am currently not accepting entires from new artists but hope to by the end of 2019.


International Students

I have always had a love for travel and a passion for learning about different cultures. I studied abroad in South Africa while I was in college and came back to the States with a passion to serve International Students in Knoxville. So I started a program to offer free rides to International Students, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Through TEO, I hope to link removing unwanted items from people's homes and providing second-hand items like appliances or home decor to students who will only be living in Knoxville for a short time. I want to help these students and their families find affordable options to create a warm home away from home.