About Beth Meadows, The Empathetic Organizer

I'm an artist who loves order and organization. Wild, right?

But I haven't always accepted the structured part of myself. Right out of college, chaos and disorder prevailed in my life because I believed that this is what it meant to be truly creative, and that creating order would mean losing touch with my passions.

Over time, however, I learned that chaos was not helping me reach my goals, and that I needed to create parameters where my free-spirited, creative side could safely live. In other words, I needed a space where I could easily find the supplies and to be able to make a mess that could quickly and efficiently be cleaned up. I also needed to deal with feeling overwhelmed- all of the time

It didn't take long to learn what my biggest issue was- too much stuff! I suffered from a thrift store addiction. I've always loved shopping second hand, but what I thought was a knack for being spendthrift was actually an addiction to buying things because they were inexpensive, not because I liked or needed them.

On top of this, I was also receiving items from my family. It was a difficult time of losing family members or seeing them downsize into smaller homes. My house became a "haven" for all their unwanted stuff. For several years, one side of my bed was barricaded by boxes. Several years!

I had a problem, and I was finally accepting that it was affecting me in deeper ways than just physically having to skirt around boxes to get into bed. Mentally and emotionally, I felt like I was drowning. Something had to change, and I was ready!

At that time, I read two books that helped me deeply understand my nerdiness for organization and structure: David Allen's Getting Things Done and Marie Kondo's The Magic Art of Tidying Up. My Organizational Journey has been an ongoing process, but through their ideas, I've not only been able to deal with the overwhelm in my own life, but I've learned I have a natural proclivity to help others problem solve their own organizational dilemmas. It's an understatement to say that I LOVE to help others create order in their lives. LOVE IT. 

Why? Because I know from experience that burying ourselves with the physical (objects and clutter) is typically a distraction from dealing with the emotional and mental, which means we can avoid doing the things we really long to do in our lives. Unnecessary stuff ties us to the past in a way that keeps up from living in the moment and moving forward. I've seen how organizing has transformed my life and how it continues to do so, and I really want to share my skills with others so they can have a similar experience. Today is the day to manage and enjoy the world around you. Today!

And just in case you asked yourself if my house was picture perfect all of the time... No, it is not. But it doesn't overwhelm or frustrate me, or take any energy away from the rest of my life. Everything has a place, which means going from "chaos" (which happens) to calm is so easy. 

I'd love to share with you a little bit about what my specialties are and how I work with clients. Please visit my Services & Pricing page to learn more. 

And if you're interested in seeing my artwork, please visit www.bethmeadows.com.