The Empathetic Organizer is a Home Organization Business that also specializes in art and photo displaying in homes. It's mission is to help clients achieve goals in their lives, by overcoming the overwhelm that stuff can bring, through the management and organization of items in their home. While organizing is the focus, it has a passion for putting unwanted items from clients in the hands of people who need them as well as featuring local artists in Knoxville. 

Do I need a Home Organizer? Do I need help hanging artwork?

The short answer is "No." You have every capability to do what I do to help clients.

But just like a business hires a social media person, or an accountant, or a person hires a personal trainer or goes to an exercise class, a Home Organizer helps people who have lived in the overwhelm long enough to know they need help navigating their way out of it in an efficient time period.

What does a typical hour of service look like?

What's your specialty?

My main focus is to sort through items in homes and find the best locations for them in the most economical way possible. I can also hang most types of wall-hangings on most types of walls. 

Will I be working alongside you? Can I hire you to take care of my stuff for me?

The answer to both of these questions is yes. I believe you will get the most out of hiring me if you work alongside me because I love to share why I'm doing what I'm doing so you can learn along the way. I also know that everyone's schedules and needs are different, so I can solo organize if desired. 

Are you going to make me get rid of things I don't want to get rid of?

No. Never. I will, however, help walk you through getting rid of things you do not need. Most of us live surrounded by more than we need or things we don't like. Part of the process is talking through these things to help you get to the bottom of how you feel about the items in your home, and ultimately it's your decision what stays and what goes. 

What if I'm ready but my spouse or partner isn't?

Ideally everyone in a home will be on board with the organizing process. But if a partner isn't ready but is willing for you to move forward, we can discuss what areas to focus on and put systems into place that will be there when they are ready.

Isn't Home Organizing just for rich people?

Here's the thing. A Home Organizer can spend A LOT of money to make your home look like a magazine, but they can also spend ZERO money on top of their own services and still work wonders. How? By using all the resources you all ready have, and possibly a few free ones outside of your home if needed. I would say this is what I love doing best- helping people who are ready to move forward but are on a budget. Depending on your personal situation, it may involve some sacrifice in other areas, but I promise you the overall outcome will be worth it. Home Organizing really can work MAGIC.


Will my home look magazine quality when you're done?

How long does do projects take?